Jotgram is locationable messaging service.

A modern, fast location-based messaging service with user-friendly feedback and privacy features. Free to use anonymously or as registered user. Have something to say or offer at a specific location? Then Jotgram is for you!

Jotgram idea.

Jotgram is based on Locationable Messages and can include TEXT and PICTURES. It is developed by a team of young web developers, based in Atlanta, GA. We believe the world needs a better location-based communication with no corporate or government oversight or censorship. This is real-time short messaging, controlled only by the author or user’s feedback and tied to a specific location. The best part … no registration is required!

Try it out, just click "Jot" on top menu.

Market Your Business with Jotgram

Grow your business, increase your sales. Share what’s happening at your locations with local updates and keep conversation going with your customers. Share updates about what’s happening at your location when your customers are nearby, and help new people find you.

The people who see your offers are those most likely to spend money in your store or business: those that are nearby and who are shopping.

Bring in New Traffic, Increase Repeat Customers & Build New Sales

Our location-based system allows anyone with an iPhone or Android to see your updates and promotions. When they're out shopping, they simply look to see where the best, closest deals are.There are absolutely no setup fees or other hidden costs. Our limited time free service allows you to publish any number of deals per month. There is no obligation and no risk. Please complete the registration form to get you started.